We are one of the  Fair Trade manufacturer, wholesaler & exporter of various kinds of garment items & Handicrafts from Kathmandu Nepal. Our products range from all kinds Men's and women's out wear garments, Handicrafts and Nepali bags.

     We are specialized in cotton sling bags and back packs with various designs with peace sign , hand embroidery, stone wash, razor cut and many more. Some of our other products are Jackets, Down garments, T-shirts, Tops, Shirts, Polo's, Jumpers, Skirt, Miniskirt, Tunic, Pants, Trousers,  Coat, Long Coat and Jackets . We can also work according to the costumer's design or pattern. We mostly use fabrics like Nepali Cotton (Shyama + BTC ), Fleece, Silk, Hemp, Polyester Woolen, Georgette, Corduroy and Printed Corduroy.

         Being a fair trade manufacturer we pay 30 % extra to our artisans then our other competitors pay to their employees. We train our artisans and tailors our-self until they are fully trained and experienced. Most of our artisans are women who were first trained in our factory and now they are able to work on any graphic scale in any designs and picture patterns.

        We'd love to hear from you please mail us at lemodamagasin@gmail.com if you have any questions or business plans. This is our contact information site  but you can shop to our online retail store www.theamericanmoda.com .


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